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"The Golf Destination of New England." the site devoted to keeping you just a few clicks away from Cape Cod's many beautiful golf courses. Our Navigation "Leaderboard" will help you find the perfect golf course (On-Course), relaxing accommodation (Suite Spot) and delicious restaurants (19th Hole) for your golf vacation.

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Blue Rock Golf Course’s Head Professional Patrick Fannon Receives Elite PGA Teaching Certification

We congratulate PGA Professional Patrick Fannon on his recent advanced professional certification from the PGA of America. With this elite certification, Fannon has become one of only 535 Certified PGA Professionals in the field of Teaching and Coaching out of 27,000 PGA members nationwide. This Teaching and Coaching Certification consisted of 20 courses including topics such as the science of the golf swing, psychology and learning styles of golf students. Fannon states he was especially fascinated with the research and finding on the transfer of learning from short-term to long- term memory and utilizing the information to create the most efficient manner of training the brain to “rewrite programs” on how muscles will fire when hitting a golf shot. With the “reprogram, rehearse, repeat” style of teaching Blue Rock’s members, resort guests, and the general public will all benefit from Fannon’s advanced certification through golf schools, private lessons, and golf clinics.  Check out Blue Rock's Golf Academy and Patrick's Video Golf Tips.

Featured News:'s favorite Chowder now available throughout New England - Press Release

Golfers can now get Captain Parker’s thick and creamy New England Clam Chowder near their home golf course. Captain's Parker's Chowder has won the annual WCOD Chowder Festival in Hyannis so many times the owner Gerry Manning bowed out of the competition so that other restaurants could have a chance at winning. They have won 12 chowder titles in 10 years throughout New England and have been inducted into both the Boston and Cape Cod Chowder Halls of Fame.

To find the one nearest to you, visit Captain Parker’s website and search by your zip code.

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Pat's Golf Tips