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Tee Ball Golf Tips

Below is a collection of audio golf tips sure to improve your game. Simply move your mouse over the Tee Ball Tips image to hear a golf tip.

Some audio sound tips may load slower depending on interent connection speed.

Tee Ball Tip #1 - Putting

Tee Ball Tip #2 - How Hard to Stroke the Putt

Tee Ball Tip #3 - The Sand Shot (Getting out of the bunkers)

Tee Ball Tip #4 - Course Management (Playing with strategy)

Tee Ball Tip #5 - The Target (The Golf Ball)

Tee Ball Tip #6 - Playing Down Wind (Select the best club)

Tee Ball Tip #7 - Playing Against The Wind (It's not how hard you hit the ball, it's how low you keep it)

Tee Ball Tip #8 - Texas Wedge

Tee Ball Tip #9 - Practice (Never go to a range with just a driver)